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Victorian Coated ("Bible") paper
Printed on one side only, the color and texture of each paper has been chosen to match endpapers commonly found in the 19th century books. Sheets are hand printed on 85 gsm Archive text, wood free, acid free, calcium carbonated buffered. Available in six colors.

Light Yellow, half sheet 59 x 85 cm, 85gsm
Dark Yellow, half sheet 59 x 85 cm, 85gsm
Dark Green, half sheet 59 x 85 cm, 85gsm
Black, half sheet 59 x 85 cm, 85gsm
Maroon, half sheet 59 x 85 cm, 85grsm
Brown, half sheet 59 x 85 cm, 85gsm

Curwen Pattern Papers

The Curwen Press was founded in 1863 by the Reverend John Curwen. By the 1920's the press had become one of the foremost printing and publishing houses of its time. A commitment to fine printing and high quality book production attracted a great number of renowned artists to work with the press as illustrators and designers. After the Second World War, Stanley Jones established the Curwen Studio for the production of fine limited edition printmaking. The five designs available are printed at the Curwen Studios in collaboration with Shepherds Bookbinders. Curwen Patterns

601 Paul Nash
601 Althea Willoughby
601 Diana Wilbraham
606 Diana Wilbraham
601 Thomas Lowinsky
606 Thomas Lowinsky
601 Enid Marx

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