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Hewit Bookcalf
These skins originate mainly in Scandinavia. They are aniline dyed and finished, which enhances the natural smoothness and beauty associated with this quality of leather. The average size per skin is between 0.74 - 0.93 square meter (8 - 10 square foot), although both larger and smaller skins are occasionally available. They are supplied 0.6mm in thickness. These skins will yield a cut approximately 65 x 75cm. Bookcalf is available in 14 standard colours and a natural undyed "Fair" calf (see below). Available in grades I, II and III. The surface is very absorbent and all of the shades lend themselves well to additional dying by the user. Hewits Bookcalf colors

Hewit Repair Calf
This leather is produced in exactly the same way as the Bookcalf above. The size and thickness is also the same. The Repair Calf range is available in a special selection of 8 shades of Brown, allowing the bookbinder to find very close shade matches for book restoration and conservation projects. This leather is available in grades II, III and IV. The surface is very absorbent and all of the shades lend themselves well to additional dying if necessary by the user. Hewits Repair Calf colors

Hewit Faircalf
This leather is identical to the Bookcalf in all respects except that it is undyed. A sample can be seen in the Bookcalf shade link above.

Hewit Undyed, Ungrained Goat Skins for Restoration on Sheep Skin Bindings
This undyed and ungraind goat skin is ideal for restoration of sheep skin bindings. It can be easily dyed to match the original leather and has a grain pattern that is almost indistinguishable from sheep skin without sacrificing strength.

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